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S. Christopher Boggs, "Chris", is an Actor, Director, Producer, Poet and Theatrical author.  


From a young age, Chris has always had a love for acting. From creating plays in his parents basement, to singing and acting in musical productions in High School, Chris' love for live theatre has never been quenched. It was only by accident, in 2007-8, that he became involved in theatre once more, eventually serving on the Board of Directors for Community Theatre of Little Rock, in Central Arkansas. Since then, he's done every key job there is. Well... with the exception of Stage Manage. His passion came full circle and led him to begin writing. 


His first work, "Roses are Red", was truly a labor of love. He wrote it while attending college in East Tennessee. Part of his Senior Thesis work towards his B.A. Degree involved creating a media production from beginning to end. He chose to write a Radio show much like classic radio's The Bickersons, Little Orphan Annie, and the like. After college, Chris put the work aside. Roughly 22 year, the dust was blown off and in January 2014 the re-writing process begain.


During the re-write, Chris started developing an idea for another play, "The Winning Numbers". From there, the wheels haven't stopped turning. He's writing his next play "By The Sea", while a whole host of other ideas for other scripts are in the works. 

"Please note that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of any and all scripts will go to Carson-Newman University's B.A. Theatre Degree program. Another portion of the proceeds will go to Community Theatre of Little Rock.  The remaining will go towards my daughter's college education and to fund more great plays. Thank you for your support!"

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