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I've always loved theatre. Even at an early age, I scripted short plays to entertain my parents and grandparents. I have to thank Mr. David Latto, the choir/theatre teacher at Madison Junior School for giving me the chance to be in a production of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Yes, I played a monk and I had no lines, but I still got the chance to be on stage instead of just staying in the flyman's coop.  The next year, I play Chris "The Klutz" in the ensemble cast of "Coming of Age". That really sparked my interest in theatre and I've been performing, directing and producing ever sense.

"Roses are Red: A 1930's Radio Drama"

by S. Christopher Boggs

ISBN-13: 978-0692296998


During World War 2, Chancelor Adolf Hitler ordered his SS troops to take valuable artifacts from museums around the world. His obsession included the mythical shield that belonged to Sir Lancelot. 


Fearing that the shield could be lost forever, the British government ships it to America.  A dinner party, at an all-America college university, finds 10 strangers caught up in a night of murder and mayhem.


Roses are Red is a radio play drama designed for amature stage and radio production. All the elements are there and the plot will keep your audience on the edge of their seats.


Published by Black Box Publishing Company


In Stores and on 19-01-2014

"The Winning Numbers"

by S. Christopher Boggs

ISBN-13: 978-0692456200


Eight coworkers catch wind that the states lottery has risen to such lofty heights, that they decide to throw their money into the collective ring. When things don't go as planned, each begins to take stock in their lives and those around them.


How far will they go.... to win?



A play in 2 acts.


World Premiere Performance 4-24 to 4-26-2015

"By the Sea"

by S. Christopher Boggs


An ocean side time-share cottage set on the South Carolina coast near Myrtal Beach. Listen to the waves crash on the beach. Grill hot dogs and hamburgers out on the deck. Smell the salt air. Feel the cooling breeze. A picture perfect holiday getaway.


For over 40 years, this quiet cottage has seen dozens of families, couples and individuals stay for a week or two. Lives begun and lives ended. Watched as love blossom and die. At times felt joy and felt sorrow.  


Visit with just a few of the cottage-dwellers, as they tell their seaside stories.



Future Titles

by S. Christopher Boggs

  • Tonight Only @ The Electrick Peacock

  • Yellow Somewhere

  • Drowning Measure

  • Rat Race

  • The Resident Adviser

  • Sleep Walkers

  • Specialists

  • A Cottage for Anna 

  • A Dime a Dozen

  • Shadow Man

  • Breath in Life

  • Street Corner Signs

  • The World After Tomorrow

  • The Illuminated Blinking Baby Jesus

  • From the Steps of the Grand Ballroom

  • Alphabet Soup

  • The Numbers Game

  • Merry-go-round Life

  • A Long Walk Home

  • Love Liberty Love

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