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Roses are Red: A 1930's Radio Drama


My senior year of College at Carson-Newman University, I wrote a radio play script "The Shield, the Gun and the Petal". I had to research the topic of Golden Age of Radio, write a script, cast it and then perform/record the show towards my Senior Thesis project. Exciting times. 


After all was said and done, I got it written, cast, produced and recorded. Graduated in 1996 and the script/cassette tape was shelved.


It wasn't until 2013/14 that I broached the idea of having Roses published. Reading over it, I decided to started rewriting adding commericals and a few updated quirks that the original did not have. It was picked up by Black Box Publishing Company in mid-2014 and is currently for sale. 


It's a great tribute to the Golden Age and I hope that you'll enjoy reading it. 

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